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The Golden Goddess, Marquita Butler 

Marquita Butler is vivacious, courageous woman that is determined for success. The same principles that I am sharing with you all, I have studied and applied them for myself. I am dedicated to the process. I am here as an example of how greatness comes about. I started out as a registered nurse for 12 years. An ICU nurse for 10 of those years then assisting with diabetes education as well. I am a type 1 diabetic from the age of 17. I know all about overcoming challenges. Maintaining a positive attitude has definitely carried me throughout this life. I am a wife and a mother of two. I am also the chief operating officer for our family business ‘Butler’s Extreme Training’ - Personal Fitness Gym/Movement. It is a personal fitness gym that focuses on calisthenics. I discovered my passion is helping others which started out my nursing career. Now looking to help those in a more holistic manner: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am a woman so why not help those that I can best relate. Not to ignore the men, I love you guys too and can help if you want. I am always available.

The fabulous, Marshaynia washington 

The Fabulous Marshaynia Washington is optimistic and has a tenacious heart for individuals to flourish. At an early age I’ve always found myself helping others. My mission is to set a platform for women to be the most authentic person that they can be. I have been a Pediatric Medical Assistant for 6 years. Obtaining my position with caring for children, I had many encounters with women that looked exhausted. Which lead me in the direction of one of my passion Physical and Mental Health and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. I am a mother of one. I am also the chief of my own business “ Queen Body Fitness.” I train individuals how to maintain their physique and provide knowledge on nutrition to staying healthy. Now with my accomplishment I want to help others evolve to greatness!

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