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It is so exciting when you get the opportunity to collaborate with other great people. The 2019 5K Jingle Bell Run was in Miami, Florida benefiting the Arhritis Foundation. Special thanks to Kenneth McKenzie. We teamed up with Teen Zone of Hallandale Beach. We had the chance to meet Kerry Gruson, a differently abled athlete that has a compelling story, who is a part of Thumbs Up International. We got to experience a great session with Stretch Zone to help loosen up those muscles that were exhausted after the run. We were able to quinch our thirst with Celsius sugar-free drinks. We were blessed with a copy of the book "Bekindr" by Eva Ritvo that shares stories of acts of kindness. After burning all those calories, were got our grub on at IHOP with the crew. The day was full of adventure and excitement. It was also another confirmation that we are more alike than we are different. WE ARE CONNECTED TO GREATNESS!!!

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